What will be your choice from gas vs electric vs solar pool heater

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People love to bring in all the right options of stuff to their homes. This means that you don’t want to compromise on quality and affordability. This is the same thing they look out for when planning to get the right pool heating system to keep away chill and feel the warmth of the water. Here in the article, we have tried to bring out the best selection for your pool from gas vs electric vs solar pool heater.

There are so many options available in the market to let people get satisfaction with a swimming pool heater. Choosing the best one only depends on you, and for that, we have listed down few pros along with the cons of the three major types of pool heaters.

Gas vs. Electric vs. Solar Pool Heater

Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters are widely used for swimming pool heating purposes. With the rise in gas prices recently we have seen a decrease in their usage. It requires propane and, at the time, natural gas to perform its function, which is done through gas burning in a combustion chamber containing copper coils. The coils through gas-burning get heated, and the water passing through the coil gets heated.  

There are various pros and cons attached to it which let people make a wise decision when they are looking out for the convenience.


  • Inexpensive
  • Heating takes no time
  • Can operate independently


  • Needs high maintenance
  • Energy efficiency is not guaranteed
  • Not environmental friendly
  • Life span extend to 5 years
  • It needs to plan on hand so that the heating process can start.

Electric Pool Heater

They are also known as heat pump and are very popular among people in keeping your pool water heated. The heating tank makes the water warm, and then this is pumped back into the pool.


  • Less expensive as compared to their counterparts – gas or solar pool heaters
  • Various features to accommodate the users
  • Can run it throughout the year with reliability
  • Long term investment  10 – 15 years


  • Can take several hours to heat the water of the pool
  • The cost of operation is quite a lot, especially in winter, when it takes a longer duration to heat up.

Solar Pool Heater

It is among the most reliable system of heating, which helps in return on investment. Through solar panels, the heat is transferred into the water directly from the sun.

The pump attached to the swimming pool circulates water the heat which you desire from panels, which are placed on the rooftop or in the yard. This is quite a practical way, which is a lot of energy-saving at the same time.


  • Solar energy is free for everyone
  • No operation cost is required
  • Need no maintenance
  • Lifespan extend to 20 years


  • Purchasing price is quite high
  • Difficult or dead to work especially when winters

The selection is also made on the area or location you reside in as colder regions need something reliable and versatile to keep them stay benefitted out of the pool heaters. In contrast, hotter or warm areas that face very short winters don’t need something extensive to be installed as a swimming pool heater.

Bring in the best choice and keep getting all the advantages from quality to investment to affordability and more.