Top 3 Ladders to Reach the Required Elevation

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What is the function of a ladder?

Ladder is a common equipment most people know of but don’t know but aren’t fully aware about its many types. Ladder is an instrument with fixed bars from which you climb up to reach a specific height, however, as mentioned earlier a ladder has many types and mostly they all have the same objective as any ladder but there minor changes in each makes these multi functional for e.g. step ladder is mostly used in industrial areas but it can be used anywhere as it is compact, fold able and easily transportable. Extension ladders are similar to step ladder but it can reach to extremely high heights and can also be retractable; Fold able ladders are similar to the extension ladder but the height is comparatively very low. Few types of ladders are briefly described above; however, the determination of a single best ladder is not possible as each ladder type offers its unique purpose for the end user and you can find them all at Still, 3 renowned ladders having great user reviews are described below.

  • DeWalt DXL3020 16-Ft. Extension Ladder

I always say this and I will say it again, this ladder is by far the most visually pleasing among all. The yellow color of the ladder is eye catching; it looks edgy but classy at the same time. This ladder will standout 100% whenever it is compared to other ladders on looks. The quality and durability is fantastic; it can survive in not so favorable weather conditions. The elevation it provides is also super high and can easily go to a roof top of a 2 story floor house. This ladder also has additional features like it has rungs that have end caps, it has a nice designed top with hardware tray to put in tools, it also comes with a rope etc.   

  • Aurora Thermo Folding Timber Loft Ladder

When it comes to the world of loft/attic ladder this one usually wins. If you are someone who loves convenience then you will love this product as it arrives to your doorsteps being already setup, you just have to install it into the attic door which saves you your valuable time and energy. The quality is also one regarded thing about this magnificent long lasting loft ladder. It can sustain heavy weights and is perfect for heavy duty. This loft ladder is very safe to use too as it has railing and the steps have a sticky material to prevent tripping.

  • Fiberglass Step Ladder

This is a traditional step ladder from Werner 6 ft Type – FS 106 that has a very pleasing electric blue color which makes it very attractive and pleasing to eye. This step ladder is a perfect one which consumes less space and can easily be fitted into a car trunk. This ladder is light weight which means carrying it won’t cause muscular pain; it also has many accessories like a utility bucket, a tool hook and a paint cup. The steps are not that far apart which makes it safer and the top step has more area so that moving around the ladder isn’t a hassle.