Sleep Well & Enjoy Your Life with Vital Sleep

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Vital Sleep is a mandibular advancement device that is designed to help reduce snoring. Like all other MADs, the Vital Sleep looks like an athletic mouthpiece but it comes with adjustable instruments, so one can move the lower tray forward in small additions. The Vital Sleep reviews make it the most customizable option for non-prescription oral appliances devices for snoring. 

Vital Sleep is one of the most promising options when it comes to anti-snoring oral appliances with a 60-days money-back guarantee or free replacement for the first year. 

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A few of the top benefits that might convince you to give Vital Sleep a shot are:

THE DESIGN – Most non-prescription anti-snoring oral appliances are available in a one-size-fits-all design.  Most of them have boiled and bite features to make them more comfortable to wear but the fit is always a problem for some people. The insides of our mouths are just really sized differently and this design technique is always faulty. 

Vital Sleep mouthpieces offer its products for both genders. The size of the men’s device is slightly bigger than the devices for women as men do tend to be bigger in build than women.  However, anybody can opt for any device depending on its size.  There is also the boil and bite fitting method which will let you create an impression of your teeth on the device. This provides a more comfortable fit and less resistance inside your mouth. 

One can adjust the product’s lower tray adjustment with ease through the original ACCU technology. With the help of a jinx key tool, you can move how far forward you want the lower tray to be. It is very easy to adjust and the capacities can be pinched even after you set the impression of your teeth on your unit. 

EASY TO USE – The device is pretty easy to work with. It comes with a tool for adjusting the lower tray setting so you don’t have to worry about that part. Its boil and bite fitting are also easy by the type of thermoplastic used, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating teeth impress on your device. 

LOWER TRAY ADJUSTMENT – You can adjust the lower tray slowly. Lots of MADs cannot have their lower trays repositions after your start using them. This is not the case for Vital Sleep mouthpieces.  It is recommended that you start small with this device and ease your way to move your lower jaws forward.  This will provide more comfortable wear. 

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TRIAL PERIOD & WARRANTY – One of the distinguishing features of the product is that it comes with a length of the trial period and warranty coverage. The Vital Sleep mouthpieces are available with a 60-days money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. This is proof of the quality of the product and its performance. 

COST-EFFECTIVE – As compared to other MADs, the Vital Sleep mouthpiece is quite reasonable. It offers a great knock for your lowest at its price point.