Best Oils for Guns – Protection from Rust

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What causes rusting in a gun?

You probably learnt about this in grade 9 chemistry class so here is a little recap. Oxygen is a highly reactive element and it reacts with the steel (a metal alloy) which is known as metal-oxide or in common word ‘rust’. This can cause severe harm to your weapon as it can weaken the exterior, leads to mechanical faults, decreased accuracy of bullets, less force is applied and the gun can even get totally jammed if rust isn’t taken care immediately. Oiling puts a coat on top of the exterior which acts as a barrier between oxygen and steel therefore the reaction and production of rust is less likely to happen.

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Importance of Rust Prevention in Guns and Oiling for Storage

In December 2019, my friends and I went to witness a shooting completion of 13 best shooters, due to a problem it was later reduced to 12 shooters. Luckily the organizer of this tournament was a friend of mine and he told me that the one person used his gun for practice for the tournament extensively and apparently he didn’t oil it, therefore,chances are highly likely that the gun is rusty which can cause a mislead fire and he didn’t want to take any risks and he backed off from the tournament which is understandable. That night I researched about oiling a gun and different types of oils used for guns and it turned out that there are many options available for you to choose from, so I will be listing the top 2 oils that gunners are fond of. Similarly, once any of the below oils is applied, it can also be used for storage of guns for a longer period.

  • FireClean FC2

If you are starting out and you are a beginner then this is a perfect option as it cleans and smooth-ens your weapon effectively. This is also odorless which makes it comfortable to use as many oils have a strong chemical scent which makes it uncomfortable, sometimes the smell of oil is so strong that one even has to wear masks to apply it on gun but this is odorless which means it has no scent so it saves you from that issue. This oil effectively dissolves and breaks down the debris and dirt with it effortlessly as you don’t even need to use a brush to clean the gunwhich makes this hassle free and an excellent anti-rusting agent. The oil is also heat resistant which enables it to be utilized in any season (even the winters). FireClean FC2 is also an anti-toxin making it safe for the environment and your health.

  • Prom 070-1453 M-Pro 7

If you are also looking for a lube then this is perfect as it is a lube as well as anti-rusting agent. As it is a lube it can protect your weapon from friction and reduce wear and tear. The oil also comes with a drip which allows you to control your desired amount of oil that causes less wastage. The oil is a blend of synthetic oils which reduce corrosion and rust. The oil is also thin; this gives it the ability to flow into the most congested components of the gun.